What is the Resume Dropbox?

The resume dropbox is a service offered to current members and sponsors of the UArizona AIChE Chapter. It functions similarly to a "resume book"-- current members can upload a resume and sponsors may browse the folder for recruitment opportunities.

How do I submit my resume?

1. Become a registered member of UArizona AIChE. 

2. Rename your resume file. Please follow the following format for your file name "Firstname_Lastname" separated by underscores (e.g., "Jane_Doe.pdf"). File types supported: .pdf, .doc, .docx.

3. Select the file for the industry category that you would like to submit your resume to. You can submit to multiple categories if you wish.

4. Click the "+ File" Button to add your resume to the folder. 

Additional Information:
  • Resumes are sorted twice per semester using seven different sorting methods to shuffle the resumes in each folder.​

  • If you would like to update your resume within a folder, please make sure to delete your old file first. Duplicates will be deleted.